We created GENECAP to assist the wildlife researcher or manager in efficient analysis and formatting of nuclear DNA genotypes for the purpose of population estimation. GENECAP is a Microsoft Excel macro with the primary input of multi-locus genotypes. GENECAP compares each individual multi-locus genotype with all other genotypes within the dataset to determine matching genotypes. One major feature of GENECAP is the ability to include genotypes with missing scores for loci. After matches are determined, GENECAP creates capture histories and calculates match probabilities in a worksheet that can then be used to derive population estimates in such programs as CAPTURE (White et al. 1982) and MARK (White and Burnham 2000). In addition, GENECAP calculates allele frequencies, probability of identity (PI) values, reports genotypes that are problematic, and multi-locus genotypes that differ by 1 and 2 alleles.
(last updated 10-1-2010) - Fixed problem with reporting 1 and 2 allele mismatches.

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