Research philosophy

CSQURT researchers take a wholistic approach to fisheries science. Our goal is to help improve fisheries management through the development and use of evidence-based science that brings data to bear in the decision-making process.

Research at CSQURT focuses on understanding population dynamics of marine and freshwater species and using this information to improve fisheries management. Active areas of research are development and testing of stock assessment models, evaluating efficacy of alternative fishery management options, and other quantitative research in support of fisheries management. Our research activities span a range of finfish and shellfish species, including summer flounder, American eel, Atlantic menhaden, blue crab, eastern oyster, sea lamprey, and king mackerel, and regions, such as Chesapeake Bay, the Great Lakes, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Our two primary areas of research interest are:

Stock assessment

Quantitative Fisheries and Ecology Research